Nevada Coatings System

NCS 6000-UVS Waterproof Membrane Proven To Last in Extreme Situations

The video shows an explosion strong enough to send visible shock waves across the front of the concrete building. The building is reinforced concrete with a cement masonry unit wall (CMU) routinely used in construction for residential and commercial applications. The strength of the NCS coating will be tested under the most extreme circumstances.
East Wall Explosion Results
In this video you will see the interior of the concrete building and a measuring device placed horizontally against the wall. If you look closer to the wall section you will see the CMU wall joints. If need be, place the video on pause and take a close look. Resume the video and watch how much the wall extends. The CMU wall bowed almost 13 inches without rupture to the coatings. Also note the wall the slight dust debris flying around. This debris is only dust and is not damage caused by the explosion.
Inside East Wall Explosion
This video shows the interior section of the building from another direct view. Although you cannot see the measuring device as clearly as one would hope, you can see the impact from the force of the explosion and the wall bowing at the perimeter.
West Outside Explosion